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MLA 17: 643. Moods of Criticism: Theatrical, Humorless, Prurient, Susceptible, Alacritous

Rita Felski organized an MLA panel this year called 643. Moods of Criticism: Theatrical, Humorless, Prurient, Susceptible, Alacritous, whose ambition (I am quoting an email here) was to express “a general concern with exploring the moods, affects, dispositions of criticism.”  The participants, in order of word, were Julia Jarcho, me, Jonathan Flatley, Anne Anlin Cheng, and Nick Salvato. After MLA Rita said she had no plans to pursue publication potentials for these essays, but we’ve all heard from people wishing to read them So!  Thanks very much to Rita for the opportunity to think together and aloud. There are lots of resonances and divergences here.






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